Stephanie SoleilStephanie is a French native who took cheese for granted until she moved to California in 2001. Missing the delicious aromas and variety of her home country, she discovered the San Francisco Cheese School in 2006 where not only she was exposed to the extensive local cheesemaking talent but also learned that one could make cheese at home.

After her first batch of quick Mozzarella, she was hooked. She started making harder cheeses, got a cheese “cave”, made her own cheese press, tried her hand at bloomy rinds and even brought her version of Camembert TO France for her family to try. They approved.

The more she made cheese, the more she wanted to learn about it. Her hunger for cheese knowledge took her to several professional workshops and she’s well on her way to becoming a certified Artisan Cheesemaker from the College of Marin. She loves to mingle with the pros at the California Artisan Cheese Guild and get all the local creamery scoops.

Stephanie has always found it a beautiful and invigorating experience to teach others about a process, especially when the results are this delicious. Cheese truly makes people happy, so let’s spread the joy!